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CAUCUS Vendor-free Discussion Forum

Vendor-free Discussion ForumMeet other CAUCUS members who have “been there and done that” and are willing to help you through the procurement process. You can exchange information about deals; vendors; techniques; checklists; contracts; buying or selling excess equipment; vendor concessions; industry events; and common problems, concerns and solutions–all in real time.

The Vendor-free Discussion Forum provides you with online access to discuss problems, opportunities, ideas and technology procurement strategies with other CAUCUS members. Members use this as a forum to share their experiences and increase their knowledge and negotiating strength.

  • Share information and resources
  • Get immediate answers to your questions
  • Stay current regarding new vendor policies, practices and ploys
  • Validate vendor claims
  • Get recommendations on vendors
  • Share contract terms
  • Exchange negotiating tips
  • Get access to documents and tools used in real deals
  • Discuss hot topics in a vendor-free environment
  • Improve your skills
  • Network with your peers