The Lost Art of the RFI

The importance of the RFI and RFQ and why these are impactful procurement tools.

Speaker: Carrie Goetz 

Online Meeting: This meeting was held on September 25, 2019

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The RFI is a lost tool of procurement.  This document is particularly important when discovering new technology or upgrades to existing technology to make sure that the systems and services will operate as needed.  It is important to note the differences between an RFI and RFQ and why and when to use each.  This can be not only an impactful procurement tool, but also a very insightful methodology to help your IT and other teams pick the best vendor.  We will discuss a few different scenarios and outcomes in a case study fashion.  

  • What is an RFI?
  • Why it is an important step for new technology?
  • How can you use an RFI with current vendors?
  • Why should we take the time for the extra step?

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