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Regional Workshop Program
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IT Contracting Boot Camp

Get Informed. Leave Empowered.

Denver-Aurora - May 25 - 26, 2017

Presented by:

Scott Thomas
Contracts Manager
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Robert Wright
Contracts Manager
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New to IT Contracting? Do You Want to Get Back to Basics?

If you’re new to IT contracting or just want to get back to basics, then our IT Contracting Boot Camp is for you! With a curriculum purposefully designed to provide those new to the profession with practical tips and tactics for negotiating a better deal with suppliers, this 9-hour interactive workshop will leave participants feeling informed, empowered, and excited about their future in technology procurement.

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Sessions are hands-on, collaborative, and facilitated by some of the industry’s most engaging professionals. Those completing all 7 sessions of the boot camp will receive formal recognition from CAUCUS as well as a commemorative gift memorializing their achievement.

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Specifically, boot camp participants will:

  • Understand what it takes to become a dealmaker and how to become one.
  • Learn how one simple tool can radically transform the way you negotiate with suppliers.
  • Gain insight into the fundamentals of drafting, reviewing, and negotiating technology agreements.
  • Recognize hidden gotchas in contracts and learn strategies for avoiding them.
  • Explore the pitfalls of cloud contracting and identify strategies for getting to “yes” with suppliers.
  • Consider the habits of successful procurement professionals and how they can launch your career.

Sessions include:

  • The Art of Becoming a Dealmaker
  • Contracting Philosophy Tool
  • Popular Vendor Ploys and How to Counter Them
  • Fundamentals of Drafting, Reviewing, and Negotiating
  • Four Ways Suppliers Limit Their Risk Contractually
  • Cloud Contracting: Risks & Strategies
  • 10 Habits of a Successful Procurement Analyst

Optional CTPS Assessments on the 26th (Noon to 3 p.m.) Lunch Included - Just an addtional $200! (includes the test and certification as well!)

Noon – 12:30 Lunch Provided
12:30 – 1:20 Procurement Assessment
1:40 – 2:30 Contract Management Assessment

Second Day option —

Exclusively for Boot Camp Participants

Enroll in the CTPS (Certified Technology Procurement Specialist) certification program and leave with this professional designation. During the IT Contracting Boot Camp instructors will deliver critical concepts and need to know information. This training will provide an outstanding background that will allow you to succeed when you decide to move forward with your industry certification.

Certification Benefits

Numerous benefits accrue as a result of acquiring CTPS and/or CTPE accreditation.

  • Professional recognition. The designations CTPS and CTPE identify a level of achievement, which is recognized and respected by others in the procurement profession.
  • Growth potential. The CTPS certification is the first step in establishing achievement in the field of procurement. It is a stepping stone to higher level achievement—CTPE accreditation, which awards advanced certification.

To learn more about the CAUCUS Professional Certification visit - - Remember, only a $200 additional fee (includes test and certification)

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$850 for nonmembers

Venue Information and Lodging

Hotel sign up link or phone number 402-592-6464.

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