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Regional Workshop Program
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Promote Your Career

Atlanta - Thursday April 6, 2017

CAUCUS Certifications:

  • Identify you as possessing technical competency
  • Recognize your commitment to professionalism
  • Provide opportunity for self-improvement
  • Offer you greater recognition on the job and among your peers
  • Raise the professionalism of your company
  • Identify your company as being committed to hiring qualified professionals

For those looking to further their careers with an industry specific accreditation, the CAUCUS CTPS Express is the fast-track to get you on that path. You might be a person in legal, finance, procurement, IT, vendor management, contract management or a combination thereof looking to demonstrate your level of strategic sourcing and IT Procurement expertise.

What is the CTPE or CTPS Certification?

*The CTPS Express on April 6, 2017 follows the ICN Cloud Contracting workshop at the AMA on Peachtree.

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Schedule is as follows:

Time Session Objective
8:30 am – 10 am Procurement Preparatory Session
30 Minute Break
10:30 am – Noon Vendor Management Preparatory Session
Noon - 12:45 pm Lunch Provided
1:00 pm Start time Procurement and Vendor Management Examinations

The CTPS Express is a CAUCUS event. It is separate from the Cloud Contracting event and follows it as well.

Attending the half-day CTPS Express session is $200 for CAUCUS members and $250 for nonmembers. If you would like to move forward with the certification and take the exams (content for the exams will be covered in the sessions) it will be a little extra money. The amount you pay will be the difference between attending the sessions and the cost to get the certification. So a CAUCUS member will only need to pay $95 and nonmembers will need to pay $245, additional. The total amount for the CTPS is $295 for members and $495 for nonmembers.

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