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Unbiased Vendor Scorecards

CAUCUS Vendor Scorecards

Take advantage of a significant benefit from Caucus – The Association of Technology Acquisition Professionals: Vendor Scorecarding. This important tool is now available for the exclusive use of Caucus members.

The Caucus Vendor Scorecarding (CVS) program was developed by ICN vendor management experts, with considerable input from Caucus members. A short history of the project and details on how and why it works is available for download below.

The CVS program departs dramatically from the vendor assessments done by the “research firms” – as the CVS ratings are totally unbiased, objective, and without conflict of interest. More specifically, CVS does not solicit or accept money from any vendors. Vendors can’t buy a rating or assessment as is common practice of the “research” firms. For a vendor to get a good rating in a specific performance category from the CVS program, it’s got to perform. For a vendor to get a poor rating in a category, it’s got to deserve it.

The CVS program can be your program if you become a Caucus member. It’s based on the vendors members choose, the ratings categories members want, and the data members submit. We’ve gotten a good start on these as a result of the Caucus member participation mentioned above. CVS will be continually improved based on their suggestions.

You may download and review the CVS program detailed description for more information using the “Download Brochure” button below and take a video tour of the program using the "Video Demos" button. Take advantage of this exciting new Caucus benefit by joining Caucus today. 

Please feel free to contact us at (407) 740-5600 if you need more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Joe Auer III
Joe Auer III


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