Since 1975, CAUCUS has been educating and supporting professionals find efficiencies in RFx creation, strategic sourcing, negotiations, vendor management and contract philosophy.

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The CAUCUS Mission is to promote and support excellence and professionalism among technology procurement professionals. CAUCUS works diligently to increase the effectiveness, the image and the impact of these professionals as they serve their organizations and constituents.

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Join CAUCUS to improve skills, share experiences, gather tactics, gain new perspectives and in general "level the playing field" with highly trained sales teams. Here are some ways you can participate: 

  • Online member community
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  • Vendor-free Discussion Forums
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  • CAUCUS Conversations - virtual events
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CAUCUS Conversations are scheduled throughout the year via the Zoom platform to give members a chance to network with their peers about meaningful topics. The purpose of CAUCUS Conversations is to help members enhance their successes and protect the organizations they serve.


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in IT Procurement
Register >>> March 22, 2023 (1PM - 2PM (EST))

Five Tips to Kickstart Your VMO in 2023
Register >>> April 5, 2023 (1PM - 2PM (EST))

The Benefits of Membership

  • Hone negotiation skills
  • Ensure better vendor performance
  • Do better deals and manage deals better
  • Get the latest techniques
  • Save assets
  • Improve contract and vendor management
  • Learn vendor tactics
  • Network with other professionals

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Have you thought about an industry-specific certification? CAUCUS provides recognized achievements in the field in technology procurement. The Certified Technology Procurement Specialist (CTPS) and the Certified Technology Procurement Executive (CTPE) shows you demonstrate a high-level of dedication in your profession.

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 CAUCUS Certification Program participants learn and are evaluated on 

Procurement (CTPS & CTPE) Communication, negotiation, understanding of requirements, contract management, vendor management, corporate policies and procedures, training, tools, and time management are all essential elements for successful procurement efforts. Varying degrees of knowledge in technology, law and finance are also required.

Contract Management (CTPS & CTPE) Negotiating a documented exchange of business promises, (includes terms, conditions, benefits, obligations, and pricing, obtaining appropriate approvals and signatures, and managing the contract through its full lifecycle; as well asset management, and effective communication with vendors.

Finance (CTPE Only) Types, terms and decisions for leases, Vendor evaluation, Financial Statements and Balance sheets, Key business ratios, GAAP.

Legal (CTPE Only) Contract principles, Allocating Risk (Liability and indemnification), Intellectual Property (copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets), Contract Formation and potential risks, and Infringements.

Information Technology (CTPE Only) Data Networks and Their Architecture, The Internet and the Intranet, Wireless Communications, Hardware Components and Their Use, Major Operating Systems, Major Applications, Storage Systems and Related Hardware, Network Security, Fundamental Telephony Concepts, Cloud computing (including SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), Virtualization, Social Network.

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