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Negotiating Requirements for Successful IT Deals - ONLINE - July 6-7, 2021
Tuesday, July 06, 2021, 10:00 AM to Wednesday, July 07, 2021, 1:45 PM EDT
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Negotiating Requirements 

for Successful IT Deals 


  • Understand the process Vendors use to manipulate Customer technical Requirements
  • Develop a Customer-specific process to negotiate technical SOWs
  • Learn how to write attachments for technical Requirements to purchase Equipment, Software, Cloud services, etc.
  • Create warranties specific for technical SOWs
  • Master drafting multilevel Remedies for technical Requirements
  • Use Remedies to get performance instead of lawsuits
  • Sample wording for technical Requirement attachments – Customer version
  • Checklist for drafting technical SOWs
  • Tools for negotiating technical Requirements and SOWs with Vendors

The class members will engage in group Exercises to enhance learning of key takeaways.


This Practical, hands-on Negotiation class will help you get the right warranties and remedies into your SOWs that can help customers get full, timely performance of technical requirements for the agreed-to price and avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation or other delays.

You don’t need this class if:

  • Your technical SOWs are written with laser clarity and no ambiguities
  • Your vendors don’t write the Requirements to their own advantage
  • Your vendors meet Requirements flawlessly
  • Your technical SOW timelines are always met
  • Your SOW budgets are NEVER busted, fixed price NEVER exceeded
  • Your Non-complying Vendors are quickly corrected with gentle reminders
  • Each SOW includes warranties specific to your Customer needs
  • Your SOWs have meaningful Remedies for any Vendor failure

Frequently customer technical requirements are drafted by the vendor to its advantage and to the painful detriment of the Customer. After all, the Vendor usually is the technical expert in its products and services. Even when the SOW includes a well-defined set of technical requirements, there may be no or few Remedies to protect the Customer from Vendor failures. The Customer may be stuck with Vendor excuses and a near meaningless promise to try harder next time.

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