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Negotiations: The Subliminal Game
Wednesday, December 11, 2019, 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM EDT
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Negotiations: The Subliminal Game 

December 11, 2019 - Online Meeting - 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm ET

Guest Speaker: Anil Bhatnagar , International Corporate Trainer| Columnist| Large Audience Transformational Speaker| Award-Winning Author

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Consider the following three scenarios:

1.   During a negotiation meeting with union leaders, Phil, a senior manager, whispered to his colleague Jeff: "These people are about to accept our terms. Hence we ought to hold our ground and stop giving them any further concessions". Jeff could scarcely believe when the union people proved Phil right within the next five minutes.

2.   On their way to the negotiation meeting, Susan’s boss shared her concern that they were about to meet some tough and aggressive opponents. “Don’t worry Mark. I know how to build an instant rapport with others and shift their emotional states in ways that make them more persuadable.”, Susan reassured her boss. An hour later, while walking out of the meeting room, Mark was beaming with joy as he looked at Susan admiringly and asked: “How did you do it?”

3.   Daniel had gathered some cookie-cutter negotiation strategies and thought he had prepared well for his upcoming crucial negotiation with a client. When the negotiation process started, his strategies began to crumble like a house of cards. They proved to be too inflexible to handle the roller coaster of ever-changing options, perceptions, preferences, emotions and relationships. His heart began to pound and a bead of sweat gathered on his forehead.

In this online meeting, Anil will teach you

How you, like Phil, can 

  • · Learn and practice the art of reading others’ mind through their body language and discover hidden lies, deception, interest, impatience, satisfaction, agreeability and many other things vital for winning in the negotiations?

How you, like Susan, can learn to 

  • · Establish an instant rapport with others, influence their responses subliminally and evoke emotions conducive to make them more persuadable?
  • · Ethically hack the evolutionary unconscious protocols (we share these as a species) to your advantage while being fair to others, too.

     How you, unlike Daniel, can learn to

  • · Keep your cool and manage your and others' emotions while confronting the turbulence of a real-life negotiation. 
  • · Read patterns intuitively to make sense of the situation. 
  • · Develop the ability to read between the lines.
  • · Widen the range of choices in your response repertoire so you never fall short of creative ideas to improvise your next move.

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