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 Subject : Indoor Location Services/RFID - RFx, RFI or RFP.. 10/07/2022 10:47:50 AM 
Mr. Todd VanDermark
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Caucus Community,
Does anyone have experience with sourcing Indoor Location Services/RFID technology/solution?
(Gartner defines the indoor location service market as “the hardware, software and service components that provide indoor location coordinates and services.”)

In our case this might involve RFID labels that track assets within a plant site or distribution facility and managed by supplier cloud software that allows for mapping and tracking real time.

I would be interested in discussing any RFx experience, or sourcing/contracting/implementation war stories related this topic.

The initiative may not be specific to manufacturing:

Location services are used to address six major usage scenarios in diverse markets, including:
Static/fixed-asset monitoring applications
Mobile assets using location technology to address zonal requirements
Mobile/fixed assets with real-time location requirements
People tracking
Critical asset tracking
Peer-to-peer distancing, including presence/proximity detection

Todd VanDermark
Trane Technologies
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