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 Subject : Re:CISCO EA - WHAT ARE THE PRO's and CON's.. 03/30/2022 03:43:59 PM 
Kyle Alcorn
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I would say it all depends on your license usage and expected growth. I have negotiated several EAs with Cisco and each time they have driven significant value and savings to budget.

As long as you actually need the titles that are in EA bundle, then it is likely the most cost effective way to purchase Cisco licensing. The other value driver is the 20% growth allowance built into the EA. If sized correctly, you are able to plan in your future growth at no charge.
 Subject : Re:Re:Re:CISCO EA - WHAT ARE THE PRO's and CON's.. 03/30/2022 03:17:11 PM 
Ms. Sue Hills
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thank you for this response. Just with my experience with question answered from Cisco, the reps do not know many of the answers to the questions that I asked. We do have a Cisco technical rep that knows DNA (EA) inside and out. I agree with the buyer beware.
 Subject : Re:Re:CISCO EA - WHAT ARE THE PRO's and CON's.. 03/30/2022 03:06:51 PM 
John Jones
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My business did sign an EA with Cisco for SW. This was under our old regime and frankly it wasn't well thought out.

The idea was that if we signed this EA, and we purchased $17M in value of SW, we would only pay about $5M. However if we never passed $17M in value we would only get our standard discount AND we would have to continue to pay a minimum amount for 3 years.

Not a good deal.

And, we never reached $17M in SW purchases.

Additionally they required an up front payment of $3M, that was a credit against anything we purchased unless we didn't use it up in 3 years, then we lost what we didn't spend.

So, buyer beware.

Had I been driving the purchase instead of reacting to the demand to purchase by my business, I would have advised against this purchase.
 Subject : Re:CISCO EA - WHAT ARE THE PRO's and CON's.. 03/30/2022 02:44:39 PM 
Ms. Sue Hills
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Following Also
 Subject : CISCO EA - WHAT ARE THE PRO's and CON's.. 03/30/2022 02:30:51 PM 
Roy Schleiden
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Location: Kansas City MO USA
Has anyone out there done a CISCO EA?

Why did you chose to do it?

Did you make a list of the pro's and con's.

Could you share your thoughts on the good and bad of doing an EA Agreement with CISCO?

Have a Great Procurement Day!
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