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 Subject : Re:Redlining Tips and Tactics.. 03/30/2022 02:35:53 PM 
Mr. Luke Montoya
Posts: 6
I enjoyed the presentation.

My additional tip is to prepare a checklist and standard clauses for starting positions in markups (consult internal legal for guidance) to help standardize your markups across the Strategic Sourcing/Procurement team.
 Subject : Re:Redlining Tips and Tactics.. 03/30/2022 02:09:44 PM 
Ms. Sarepta Ridgeway CTPE
Posts: 1
Solid presentation, great reminder to take your time and, ultimately speed up the process.

My additional tip: When sending to multiple individuals (especially internally), address and color-code the comment boxes so it makes it easy for the addressee to respond. They can quickly look for comments that they need to address.
 Subject : Redlining Tips and Tactics.. 03/30/2022 11:13:59 AM 
Robert Wright
Posts: 24
For those contract folks in our community, inquiring minds want to know: what's your "go to" redlining tip/best practice?
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