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Katina Hartsfield
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Hi Jeff - of course.

The confirmation letter will follow.
 Subject : Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:CAUCUS Webinar.. 03/24/2021 01:31:49 PM 
Jeff Simpson
Posts: 17

I'd like to jump on the bandwagon and register through this quick reply also.

Thanks - Jeff
 Subject : Re:Re:Re:Re:CAUCUS Webinar.. 03/24/2021 10:49:03 AM 
Katina Hartsfield
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Hi Jeffrey - I will register you and send confirmation.
 Subject : Re:Re:Re:CAUCUS Webinar.. 03/24/2021 10:46:51 AM 
Mr Jeff Altergott CTPE CTPRP
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Location: Kenwood, CA
I would like to attend as well.
Sr. Manager
Technology Vendor Management
National Restaurant Association
 Subject : Re:Re:CAUCUS Webinar.. 03/24/2021 10:41:15 AM 
Katina Hartsfield
Posts: 4
Hi Aaron - yes - that would've been fine.

I see that you registered - Thank you.
 Subject : Re:CAUCUS Webinar.. 03/24/2021 10:36:48 AM 
Aaron George
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Can I register for this event via this Quick Reply?

Aaron George
 Subject : CAUCUS Webinar.. 03/24/2021 10:28:12 AM 
Katina Hartsfield
Posts: 4
Data Privacy and Security in the Contract Process

April 14, 2021 - Online Meeting - 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm ET

Non-Members $40.00

Guest Speaker: Tracy Janes

Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) is crucial to the success of any vendor management process! But did you know that an effective TPRM program can not only protect your organizations sensitive data it can help you understand the risk of doing business with a particular vendor? This session will review:

•How to support your organizations requirements for data privacy as new privacy regulations continue to roll out
•The valuable role a procurement professional plays in this process
•Ways TPRM helps to increase negotiating leverage

Come learn more about how TPRM helps your organization protect data, how you can leverage the results of risk assessments in the contract process, and much more!

Please call 407-740-5600 to register or purchase in the CAUCUS Store.
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