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 Subject : Re:World Class Procurement Organizations.. 01/07/2021 12:49:21 PM 
Roy Schleiden
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JJ -

I have seen this in several formats over the years and what you have is essentially right from the high level perspective. This has to be tailored to the industry, specific culture of your organization AND what the execs want in YOUR company. This is an excellent guiding light.

Have a Great Procurement Day
 Subject : World Class Procurement Organizations.. 01/07/2021 10:43:52 AM 
John Jones
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Several years ago I was asked by my leadership at the time what I believed was the structure of a World Class Procurement Organization and it got me to thinking about the procurement organizations I was a part of over 30 plus years of work in business.

In my experience, and from my perception, there are 5 levels of maturity that define a procurement organization and I have attached them as a Word Document.

I would like to hear from the membership what their take is on what makes up a World Class Procurement Organization.

I understand that what I have provided is the highest level view, and there is a considerable amount of detail that goes into each of these maturity levels that I do not share here.

What do you think? What am I missing at this high level?

John Jones
Director Global Supply Chain

 Procurement Organization Maturity Levels.docx [14 KB] : Procurement Maturity Levels
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