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 Subject : Re:Re:Benchmarks.. 09/11/2020 04:19:10 PM 
Roy Schleiden
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Location: Kansas City MO USA
Aaron - How each organization gets HARD savings depends on the functions VM is performing, the industry they are performing it in, and how credit for cost reduction is taken within a particular company. Many times the savings are part of a team effort. And each part of the team wants their due for the driven value of the new processes and action. Best to build your proposed structure and processes and socialize it through the organization getting input and buy-in from the stakeholders, clients and finance. Start the new structure and due your due diligence tracking HARD and SOFT savings and other value adds. Brief up, and down and keep everyone aware of the results, unanticipated issues, savings and data driven adjustments. It usually takes a full year or two of cycles to see what you have really accomplished. Grow consensus and support as you grow. Give credit widely and be supportive of all who assist. The results will speak for themselves.
 Subject : Re:Benchmarks.. 09/11/2020 03:58:04 PM 
Mr. Kent Lancaster
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Aaron, I have implemented VM Programs under similar circumstances, in fact I am in the process of doing it again. I would be happy to discuss my failures / successes. I may not have exactly what you are looking for (hard industry data), but I've certainly been able to show value to the business.
 Subject : Benchmarks.. 08/22/2020 04:56:22 PM 
Aaron Sparks
Posts: 6
I am working on a proposal to expand our Vendor Management Program and could use some input from the group. The new program will look quite a bit different from the current practice with several new processes included. Since many processes will be new, I have been able promote “soft” benefits, but I could really use some “hard” industry data (i.e., average cost savings, ROI metrics, FTE reductions, etc.) to support my case.

I know each organization has their own unique circumstances, but I was wondering if anyone had any metrics/KPIs/benchmarks they would be willing to share from their experiences or know of a good resource to find this type of data. Thanks!
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