CTPS Express is a separate event during the IT Procurement Summit (ITPS) and additional registration is required. For those looking to further their careers with an industry specific accreditation, the CTPS is a great start and the CTPS Express is an added benefit for people entering the program.

     If you sign up for the CTPS Express today, you will get the Study Guides, the online self-paced training opportunities and other materials right-away. The Express is an additional complimentary set of sessions for IT Procurement Summit attendees and will not interfere with conference sessions. It will go over key points of each module (Procurement and Contract Management) so it can be viewed as a last minute crash course. It will help you succeed in passing the assessments and in turn strengthen your position when taking the online exams.

What is the CTPE or CTPS Certification

The CTPS Express will not interfere with any other ITPS Sessions. The schedule is as follows:

Sunday - November 6, 2022 at the Lake Buena Vista Palace.  please call to register

The Schedule

2:00 – 3:00  Procurement module exam review presentation

3:00 – 3:15  Break

3:15 – 4:15  Contract Management module exam review presentation

Program materials: (including the module presentations before the ITPS)

  • Tutorial videos for each module with printable slides
  • Comprehensive written Study Guide
  • Each exam’s most difficult questions review are available online
  • Electronic assessments (get certified before the event)
  • 3 additional exam retakes per module, if needed
  • Certificate of Completion
  • “Quick Start” program!—Apply all CE (Continuing Education) credits attended in the last 6 months towards recertification.
    • CTPS requires 30 CE credits every 3 years to get re-certified  -  CTPE requires 40 CE credits every 3 years to get re-certified
    • There are many complimentary CEUs available in the CAUCUS Education Center.

 To Register for this Event - Please call us at 407-740-5600

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