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Frequently Asked Questions

CAUCUS – The Association of Technology Acquisition Professionals

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What is Caucus?

Caucus is a member-supported association that serves the specialized needs of the technology acquisition professional – the person responsible for negotiating and managing contracts with suppliers of technology products and services.

What is its mission?

The Caucus mission is to promote and support excellence and professionalism among technology acquisition professionals. Caucus works diligently to increase the effectiveness, the image and the impact of these professionals as they serve their organizations and constituents.

Who are Caucus members?

Members come from a variety of disciplines including procurement, finance, legal, information technology and contract management. They have varying skill levels. Some are new to the profession; others have decades of experience. The size of their acquisition organizations runs from single-practitioner shops to large, highly specialized departments. They represent organizations of all sizes from all sectors of the economy, including large global corporations; small and medium sized businesses; not-for-profits; and government agencies, states and municipalities.

Why should I join?

America’s top organizations depend on Caucus to do better deals. Membership allows you to:

  • Learn what kind of deals others are doing
  • Benchmark with the best of the best
  • Network with your peers
  • Expand your professional skills
  • Share information and experiences
  • Obtain information about vendor practices
  • Stay informed on best and worst deals
  • Keep up with legislative and regulatory issues affecting your job
  • Access information about career opportunities

What do I get as part of my membership?

Information is power. And with your membership, you get access to all sorts of information – information that is relevant to your profession. Membership gives you access to:

  • The CaucusNet website
  • Caucus Vendor-free Discussion Forums
  • The Caucus Document Library
  • Caucus Vendor Scorecards
  • The Caucus Career Center
  • Members-only pricing on Certified Technology Professional Specialist and Certified Technology Professional Executive certifications
  • Members-only pricing on admission to
    • Caucus Regional Workshops
    • The annual Caucus IT Procurement Summit
    • Caucus Webinars
  • Discounts on ICN seminars, conferences and products

What is CaucusNet?

CaucusNet is the Caucus website, located at It is the virtual meeting place for technology acquisition professionals and serves as the platform for all the members-only services of the association. You can connect with other leading professionals directly from your laptop and get the latest scoop on vendors, negotiation tactics, best deals, best practices and much more. If you’re not already a member, ask us for a 30-day read-only free trial.

What are the Vendor-free Discussion Forums?

The Vendor-free Discussion Forums provide members with online access to discuss problems, opportunities, ideas and technology acquisition strategies. Members use this as a forum to share their experiences and increase their knowledge and negotiating strength. You’ll meet other Caucus members who’ve “been there and done that” and are willing to help you through the acquisition process. You can exchange information about deals, vendors, techniques, checklists, contracts, buying or selling excess equipment, vendor concessions, industry events, common problems, concerns and solutions – all in real time.

To access the information in the Forums, you can elect to receive emails of the postings in real time or a daily digest of all of the previous day’s postings delivered via email each morning. And you can always access the Forums by logging in to CaucusNet.

What is the Caucus Document Library?

The Caucus Document Library is a member-supported resource that contains a selection of documents including RFPs, sample contracts and contract clauses, checklists, templates, and more. All the documents are available free to members. Because the library is member supported, we rely on all Caucus members to keep it up to date by contributing new and pertinent documents.

What are Caucus Vendor Scorecards?

Beginning in fall 2008, Caucus members will be able to assess the performance of their vendors and potential vendors. Because Vendor Scorecards are created by Caucus members exclusively for Caucus members, they give an unbiased view of how vendors have performed in actual relationships.

What is the Career Center?

You know the saying “It’s tough to find good help.” The Caucus Career Center allows members to post professional job opportunities for their fellow members to see. In addition, members and former members can post their résumés in the Career Center to further their careers.

What are the CTPE and CTPS certifications?

The Caucus Certified Technology Procurement Executive (CTPE) and Certified Technology Procurement Specialist (CTPS) programs are designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance and identify those who demonstrate knowledge essential to the practice of competent technology acquisition. Membership in Caucus is not necessary to become certified; however, Caucus supplies professionals with training and handbooks to help them prepare for the examinations.

In addition to positioning you among the elite of the profession, certification indicates to your peers, internal customers and employers that you possess the knowledge, expertise and experience to excel in today’s ever-changing technology acquisition arena.

What are Caucus Regional Workshops?

Regional Workshops are two-day events conducted around the country to provide technology acquisition professionals with professional-level training and in-person networking opportunities. Here, you will share working solutions to real situations, deal with important issues of regional concern, and learn from insightful programs presented by fellow Caucus members and ICN professionals.

The highlight of each workshop is the Facilitated Networking Session. You and your colleagues determine the issues that are brought to the table. You get real-time answers to real problems, in a forum designed specifically to maximize the information flow. There is no other meeting format that achieves this level of intensity and efficiency.

What is the IT Procurement Summit?

The Caucus annual conference is the event of the year, where Caucus members meet to share leading-edge ideas. This intensive three-day conference is organized by Caucus members for Caucus members and features presentations by your peers – individuals who impart truth-from-the-trenches knowledge. Highlights include:

  • Keynote speakers on topics of importance to the general membership
  • Breakout sessions addressing specialized topics in your areas of interest
  • Moderated panel discussions to enhance information sharing between members
  • Ample networking opportunities with peers and industry experts

What are Caucus Webinars?

As a Caucus member, you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of training offered through Caucus Webinars taught by fellow professionals – all without leaving your desk. You will receive useful information on relevant topics, reduce travel time and expenses, educate your team all at one time, and maintain productivity by eliminating time out of the office.

What ICN events and products can I receive discounts on?

Caucus members are entitled to discounted pricing on all ICN training and conferences. These include:

  • High-Tech Procurement: Managing the Acquisition Process
  • Software: Issues, Contracts & Negotiations
  • Total Vendor Management: Getting What You Pay For
  • Negotiations: Power, Process, Principles
  • RFP Lab: Forms, Training Templates
  • Do Better Deals Conference: Best Practices Procurement
  • Technology Procurement Conference

In addition, Caucus members save 15% on most items in the ICN Corner Store, where you can find everything you need to do better deals and work smart. For more information on ICN products and services, visit and

What types of memberships are available?

We offer individual memberships at $495 per year and corporate memberships at $2,195 per year. Corporate memberships include five individual memberships, and each additional membership is only $200.

How do I join?

You may join Caucus today by clicking here. You may also call Caucus Member Services at (407) 740-5600 to join.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, please call Caucus Member Services at (407) 740-5600 or click here to send us an email.

Join CAUCUS Today!

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