Conference Update: Orlando has survived the worst of Hurricane Matthew! We look forward to seeing you at the Summit!

The FAB5 Recognition Program

One of the exciting CAUCUS programs we have is the FAB5 Recognition program where 5 of our outstanding IT procurement colleagues will be recognized at the IT Summit 2017.

This will bring some additional excitement to the already exciting annual Summit that is rapidly coming together through the efforts of CEAC and the ICN Team.

If you feel any of the IT procurement professionals you work with are doing an outstanding job and are worthy of recognition, please take a few minutes to nominate her or him by emailing the Downloadable PDF Form back to

Downloadable PDF Form »

The time you invest will be a help to your fellow employees as well as to all the CAUCUS Members.

NOTE: A person need not be a Member of CAUCUS to be nominated.
NOTE: You can nominate more than 1 person and you can also nominate yourself.