Conference Update: Orlando has survived the worst of Hurricane Matthew! We look forward to seeing you at the Summit!

IT Procurement Summit – Orlando 2019

24th Annual IT Procurement Summit
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Roy Schleiden

ITPS has been a special experience for read more

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Mike Gonce

Year over year, this is a world read more

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Cynthia Meyer

ITPS offers a unique opportunity to not read more

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Phil Rolfs

I’ve attended this event regularly over the read more


  • Develop Relationships
  • Get Best Practices
  • Streamline Your Processes
  • Learn tricks from Your Peers
  • Elevate Your Procurement Game
  • Network with the Best in the Business


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Are you the person in charge of negotiating vendor contracts or managing supplier relationships for your organization?


A best-selling event for the IT industry, the 24th Annual IT Procurement Summit promises remarkable collaboration opportunities for technology professionals from around the world. This time-tested summit teaches you how to negotiate better deals and offers exclusive insights into the latest IT industry trends. Not only will you be acquainted with valuable presentations from the brightest IT minds in the world, but you'll also receive abundant benefits as a participant:

  • Learn to develop meaningful industry relationships with peers and vendors
  • Follow industry best practices and improve negotiation tactics
  • Negotiate successfully with suppliers through strategic interventions
  • Develop excellent efficiencies in IT procurement, vendor management, contract management and more
  • Learn to reduce any risks to your organization and streamline processes
  • Build supply chain efficiencies through strategic sourcing and mediating
  • Identify best practices for migrating to the cloud, data privacy, data security and much more

You will also get unique networking opportunities to learn how your industry peers deal with similar challenges you face within your organization. You'll be empowered with new insights and strategies to overcome these challenges in the most efficient manner. Attending this IT procurement summit will allow you to experience:

  • Theme oriented panel discussions to help you with effective tactics to build leverage with suppliers and vendors
  • Powerful presentations to negotiate cross-border agreements with local and international vendors in your industry
  • Networking conversations to develop stronger vendor and supply chain management programs for your organization

If you deal with IT procurement for your organization, then this annual conference is an absolute must attend for you. You cannot afford to miss it as you seek new ways to improve efficiency and productivity in your department.

HURRY! Sign up today – if you haven't already – and get access to exclusive insights from the best IT experts, and step on the right track towards advancing your career as a highly successful IT procurement professional.

If you’re involved IT procurement in any way, our annual conference is a must-attend event! Sign up today to gain insights from industry experts, collaborate with peers, and grow in your career as an IT procurement professional.

  • Develop relationships with your peers
  • Build professional confidence
  • Get best practices
  • Improve your negotiation techniques
  • Gain leverage with your suppliers
  • Learn strategic global principles
  • Reduce your risk
  • Learn how to streamline processes
  • Sharpen your skills; improve your proficiency

For Professionals in

  • Information technology
  • IT procurement
  • Purchasing
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Vendor management
  • Contract management
  • Global strategic sourcing
  • Supply chain management
  • Telecommunications

Teri Abbo August 19, 2018

ITPS provides an amazing opportunity to network and discuss current topics with procurement professionals from every industry. Both the speakers and attendees provide insight and expertise related to scenarios that we are all facing while offering best in class examples of how to navigate through them. I highly recommend this conference!

Robert Wright, Humana

Robert Wright August 19, 2018

I walk away from each Summit with new tips and tactics for negotiating better deals with suppliers. Attending CAUCUS’s IT Procurement Summit has helped me jumpstart my career in ways that I would have never imagined!

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Phil Rolfs August 19, 2018

Phil Rolfs, State FarmI’ve attended this event regularly over the last decade and consider it the premiere technology procurement event of the year.
Keep abreast of what your peers are facing in the procurement industry on current relevant topics. I always gain knowledge and takeaways from the sessions I attend. Excellent event to partner with your peers in the industry!

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Cynthia Meyer August 19, 2018

Cynthia Meyer, SPXITPS offers a unique opportunity to not only attend presentations and workshops on topics vitally important to our role in IT Procurement, but also a chance to network with our peers. That network has proved to be invaluable for advice, sharing experiences, etc. Being a member of Caucus also gives me access to learn from and share with my peers throughout the year, extending the ITPS experience.

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Mike Gonce August 24, 2018

Mike Gonce, Eastman ChemicalYear over year, this is a world class conference with an excellent faculty of speakers delivering very timely topics. With the ever-changing world of IT, there is always something new at each conference event.  The breakout sessions each tailor themselves nicely for novice IT Procurement Professionals up to the experienced level. I have found the networking amongst peers to be invaluable.  This is a one-of-a-kind niche event, packed full of useful information, all delivered by peers in a short couple days.

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Roy Schleiden August 24, 2018

Roy Schleiden, RSM US LLPITPS has been a special experience for me over the years as I have attended over 20 of these exceptional events. Intensely informative and providing the latest and greatest best practices in all areas of IT Procurement. This is the latest in IT Procurement thought leadership and practical application of proven tactics and strategy. But, of even greater benefit is the networking with peers and development of a lifelong network of IT procurement professionals I call my friends and who I can use to discuss new ideas, strategies and learn about vendor tactics and tricks. A great value and amazing event.