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CAUCUS Vendor Scorecards

CAUCUS Vendor ScorecardsThe CAUCUS Vendor Scorecard program provides a consistent, objective assessment of vendors and their performance. It serves as a tool to rate a variety of key performance indicators, providing a practical and focused perspective on overall vendor performance or non-performance. Ratings assist Caucus members by providing information about vendors whom they may be considering for a new relationship, or by allowing them to compare notes on their current vendors. While scorecards are not the only way to assess vendors, the results can be an indicator about the health of a product or service, or about a vendor’s overall ability.

Using the CAUCUS Vendor Scorecards program, CAUCUS members can assess the performance of their vendors and potential vendors. Because Vendor Scorecards are created by CAUCUS mem­bers exclusively for CAUCUS members, they give an unbiased view of how vendors have performed in actual relationships.

The Caucus mission is to promote and support excellence and professionalism among technology procurement professionals.

The Caucus Vendor Scorecard program will further enhance your effectiveness by giving you another tool for sharing with fellow members information and experience concerning specific vendors. As we always say, Information is Power, and the more information you have, the more negotiating leverage you can enjoy.

Caucus Vendor Scorecards were developed by members, for members, and we encourage them to use this feature often.