ITPS 26th Annual



Software Protection & IP Rights

Protecting Intellectual Property in Vendor Contracts

Audit — Offense or Defense? Would you rather be proactive or reactive? 
Negotiating Cloud deals in 2022 Holding: Providers accountable and Avoiding Pitfalls 
Technology Licensing in 2022: How the Customer  Can Win Against a Stacked Deck
The Great Gotchas: Issues with Open-Source Usage
Vendor Negotiations from Sourcing and Outside Counsel 

Vendor Management 


Effective Vendor Management 

Deep, Dark Secrets No Carrier Rep Will Tell You 

Navigating Security Risks in the Contract Process 


The (Not So) Secret Life of Contracts
 Agile Best Practices across the Contracting Process 
 Learn Evolving Role for CIOs in Digital Procurement 
 Get in the Trenches: A Unique Way for IT Procurement Organizations to Find Top Talent 


Collaborating with Virtual Teams
 Building Rapport with Stakeholders
 How to Talk to Executives

Keynote/General Session/Misc.

 Keynote Panel — The State of Procurement Spending and Strategy & Ice Breaker 
 Evolution of Procurement 
 Internet Connections and 5G
Live Help