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CAUCUS Certifications

Check out our live Certification events! This is in addition to our traditional on-line program. Click on the below location to register or learn more about each program:
Atlanta, GA - April 6 2017
Denver, CO - May 25 -26 2017  (Includes IT Contracting Boot Camp)

A special note talking about the quality, importance, and focus of the CTPE / CTPS programs.

CTPE and CTPS CertificationThe CAUCUS Certification programs are designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance and identify those who demonstrate knowledge essential to the practice of competent technology procurement. Membership in CAUCUS is not necessary to become certified; however, CAUCUS supplies professionals with training to prepare for the examinations.

In addition to positioning you among the elite of the profession, certification indicates to your peers, internal customers and employers that you possess the knowledge, expertise and experience to excel in today’s ever-changing technology procurement arena.

Certification Benefits
Numerous benefits accrue as a result of acquiring CTPS and/or CTPE accreditation.

  • Professional recognition. The designations CTPS and CTPE identify a level of achievement, which is recognized and respected by others in the procurement profession.
  • Growth potential. The CTPS certification is the first step in establishing achievement in the field of procurement. It is a stepping stone to higher level achievement—CTPE accreditation, which awards advanced certification.

CAUCUS Certifications:

  • Identify you as possessing technical competency
  • Recognize your commitment to professionalism
  • Provide opportunity for self-improvement
  • Offer you greater recognition on the job and among your peers
  • Raise the professionalism of your company
  • Identify your company as being committed to hiring qualified professionals